Where can I buy these funny gift packages that you have in your online shop?

Only in our online shop.

I have a bar! Where can I buy Lioko Mexikaner?

Ask your local wholesalers if they already carry Lioko Mexikaner. If you’re in northern Germany, chances are you’ll get lucky. If not, contact us here. We’ll try to make sure your wholesaler will sell Lioko Mexikaner soon. In any case, you can always get some from our online store!

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I need a few bottles, quickly! What now?

Your best bet is our onlineshop:

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Alternatively you can check out your supermarket or spirits shop. Call them bevor dropping by, because not all of them have Lioko Mexikaner.

Can I drop by and buy few bottles directly from you guys?

It's not possible to come to our office and buy anything. At our companies address there is only our office. We don't have bottles here that are for sale.

Any other questions?



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