The Drink

Sun-ripe tomatoes, sinfully spicy chillies, crystal clear schnapps, a fine amount of black pepper and an arcane blend of Mexican spices – the perfect ingredients for a drink straight from the heart of Hamburg.


Free of any artificial additives such as flavor enhancers or stabilizers Lioko Mexikaner is a product we can stand for! You can see this policy when a bottle stands unshaken for a longer time, and denser parts as tomato and spices sink to the bottom.


Lioko Mexikaner stands for Hamburg and has coined entire street blocks here, ask anyone. Each weekend, crowds flock to these parts to drink the unconventional shot and have a hell of a good time. Here, Lioko Mexikaner is more than a beverage - it truly embodies a lifestyle between the cult club FC St. Pauli and the tourist strip Reeperbahn.


True to our motto “Mundfeuerwerk statt Zuckerflash” we have made Lioko Mexikaner available for all those, who are about ready for a change from sticky-sweet party drinks and crave real taste experience.

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  • Spirit from tomatos, chili, spices
  • 15,3 % vol.
  • 2 cl Shot
    • from Hamburg, Germany
    • since 2008
    • vegan | glutenfree | no artificial additives

      Our versions

      Classic Variante
      Derbescharf Variante
      Karussell Variante 100ml Classic