What does Lioko Mexikaner taste like?

Like fruity-fresh tomatoes, a savory blend of spices and hardly like alcohol. A true Mundfeuerwerk!Experts especially enjoy the freshly ground black pepper.

Why do some ingrediants separte in the bottle after a while standig?

We want to produce a ethically good product. Therefore we don't add any artificial additives. You can observe this when denser ingredients sink to the bottom after a while – which is a good sign!

Is it vegan?

Lioko Mexikaner is absolutely vegan! It doesn't contain any ingredients of animal origin neigther we use any material of animal origin for the production processes.

This also means that there is no honey in Lioko Mexikaner (bees).

And there is no carmine in it.  That's a colouring that many liquor manufacturers use to get a lush red. No joke: carmine is produced my pregnant scale insects - but without us! Our red comes from ripe vegetables.

Does Lioko Mexikaner contain any allergens?

Lioko Mexikaner is free of allergens! Thus it doesn't contain gluten, milk, soy or peanut.

Older bottles with a black coloured cap might contain spoors of allergens. For our new bottles with the red cap and all Lioko Derbe Scharf we banned all allergens (also all spoors of em)! According to EU regulation no 1169/2011 appendix II. Thats e. g. milk, egg, soy, fish, peanut, hazelnut, sesame, mustard, celery, seefood or gluten.

What are the ingredients of the secret Lioko Mexikaner spice blend?

It's secret!

How hot is Lioko Mexikaner, really? Whats the Derbe Scharf all about?

Lioko Mexikaner CLASSIC has a meticulously calibrated level of spicyness. If you are less used to eating spicy foods and wouldn’t consider yourself a chilli-aficionado, you’ll still be able to enjoy a Lioko Mexikaner without dropping dead on the spot.

The more experienced among you might want to try our Lioko Mexikaner DERBE SCHARF. We call it "compressed chili power" and it definitely is! Sure there are much hotter capsaicin sauces on this planet. But we don't want to compete with them, since we are not in the harming business. Despite the chili fire you'll still sense the hearty taste.

Also check out our knowledge base about spiciness.

How much Lioko Mexikaner is in a bottle?

A bottle of Lioko Mexikaner is 700ml (0,7L / 23.67 US fluid oz). That yields about 35 tasty shots.

Also check out our 100 ml bottles that contain 5 tasty shots! They are perfect for quick round with friends.

Best before?

A sealed bottle is good for at least six months, if stored in a cool, dark place. An opened bottle, in case you haven’t greedily finished every last drop, should be stored in the fridge and is good for at least 2 weeks.

FYI: Lioko Mexikaner has no best before date, as this information isn’t required for alcoholic beverages containing more than 10% vol.

How is Lioko Mexikaner served?

Chilled! We suggest you keep Lioko Mexikaner in the fridge and serve it as a 2 cl. (2/3 oz) shot.

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