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Vorschau Produkt Hamburg package

Hamburg package

700ml Lioko Mexikaner 15,3% vol., 330ml Astra beer 4,9% vol., seemans tattoo, ship in a bottle and postcard
EUR: 14,90 (inkl. MwSt)

What's in a seamans mind after months of abstinence when anchoring in Hamburg? Most likely he's gonna do some bar hopping at St. Pauli, drinking Astra beer and Lioko Mexikaner. By the way he might get a new tattoo or make out with a beauty. We don't sell the beauty here. Instead you'll get a souvenir of the days at sea: Hamburg based Rickmer Rickmers as a miniature ship in a bottle. To send some warm words home to mother there'll be a postcard showing the beautyfull city of Hamburg.

Astra Urtyp beer, 0,33 liter, 4,9% vol
Ingredients: water, BARLEY MALT, hop - Energie pro 100ml: 161 KJ/38 kcal
Producer: Bavaria-St. Pauli GmbH, 22755 Hamburg

Vorschau Produkt The Maverick

The Maverick

one bottle 700ml Lioko Mexikaner CLASSIC 15,3% vol.
EUR: 9,50 (inkl. MwSt)

13,57 EUR/Liter

Only the bravest and most persevering stand this test all on their own. Those who share, though, have a heart of gold and are true friends!

Vorschau Produkt step dance

step dance

one bottle 700ml Lioko Mexikaner DERBE SCHARF 15% vol.
EUR: 9,90 (inkl. MwSt)

14,14 EUR/Liter

Twice as hot as the Classic! It's told that there have been people performing a spontaneous step dance after drinking a sip of our Derbe Scharf. However you'r gonna deal with the spice coused rush of adrenaline it's tasty anyways.

Vorschau Produkt The Peacemaker

The Peacemaker

three bottles 700ml Lioko Mexikaner CLASSIC 15,3% vol.
EUR: 28,50 (inkl. MwSt)

13,57 EUR/Liter

A mighty weapon that is only safe in the most conscientious and capable hands. In the wrong hands, it’ll wreak havoc.

Vorschau Produkt black whole

black whole

three bottles 700ml Lioko Mexikaner DERBE SCHARF 15% vol.
EUR: 29,70 (inkl. MwSt)

14,14 EUR/Liter

Compressed chili power such as you only find it in a black whole that just devoured a chili galaxy!

Vorschau Produkt The Party Ignition

The Party Ignition

six bottles 700ml Lioko Mexikaner CLASSIC 15,3% vol.
EUR: 57,00 (inkl. MwSt)

13,57 EUR/Liter

Highly flammable! This is a six-pack that’ll kick-start any party in no time. A tiny spark and this stuff will cause a blazing inferno.

Vorschau Produkt black sheep

black sheep

one bottle 700ml Lioko DERBE SCHARF 15% vol. + 5 bottles each 700ml Lioko CLASSIC 15,3% vol.
EUR: 57,40 (inkl. MwSt)

One is twice as hot as the rest! How is the lucky winner gonna react who picks the one DERBE SCHARF of the tray?

Vorschau Produkt after-hours package

after-hours package

700ml Lioko Mexikaner Classic 15,3% vol., gym sack, glitter, shutter chades, bubble gun
EUR: 14,90 (inkl. MwSt)

No matter if you're drinking Lioko Mexikaner for the electrolytes or to cure that hangover the day after the day after - gym sack, shutter shades, glitter and bubble gun are gonna make your next party all the more fun. When partying your sweater and all party-stuff is kept safe inside your gym sack.

Vorschau Produkt hipster package

hipster package

700ml Lioko Mexikaner 15,3% vol., gym sack, 3 buttons, shades und mustache
EUR: 13,50 (inkl. MwSt)

Sure, you're no hipster. Forget about it. If you still think gym sack, mustache, shades, pins and Lioko Mexikaner are 'totally awesome'...we got it.

Vorschau Produkt heavy metal package

heavy metal package

700ml Lioko Mexikaner 15,3% vol., air guitar*, hammer, beer-shampoo 50ml, 3x plec, lighter, tattoo
EUR: 15,90 (inkl. MwSt)

AAAAAAAAAARRRRRR! SCRUBB, SCRUBB! PLING, PLING, PLONG! Rockers go crazy with this package – thanx to air guitar, plectrum and Lioko Mexikaner! By headbanging maltreated hair needs some beer-shampoo. The hammer is good for destroying something or just to open a bottle of beer. You’ll also get a tattoo for your babe and a lighter for the BBQ.

* air guitar is made of 100% air and must be tuned up before use

Vorschau Produkt pub sports package

pub sports package

700ml Lioko Mexikaner 15,3% vol. and 3 flights (no whole darts)
EUR: 11,00 (inkl. MwSt)

Can't seem to hit the broad side of the barn these days? Do it right with our very own Lioko dart flights, high quality, custom-made by the folks over at 'keltik'. Still need some scope? Lioko Mexikaner is sure gonna do the trick.

Vorschau Produkt gym sack

gym sack

EUR: 4,90 (inkl. MwSt)

Best for long nights in sweat drooling clubs! Just put your pullover inside this Lioko gym bag and party hard.

Vorschau Produkt beermats


100 pieces
EUR: 4,90 (inkl. MwSt)
Vorschau Produkt table displays

table displays

20 pieces
EUR: 1,20 (inkl. MwSt)
Vorschau Produkt plectrum


EUR: 0,50 (inkl. MwSt)

For dedicated guitarists gifted whit talent or without.
Material: celluloid
Thickness: medium

Vorschau Produkt Lighter


EUR: 0,50 (inkl. MwSt)

For lighting fireworks or tobacco products. And if you know how you can even open a bottle of beer with this lighter!

Vorschau Produkt poster big bang A3

poster big bang A3

42,0 × 29,7 cm
EUR: 2,90 (inkl. MwSt)
Vorschau Produkt poster mouth A2

poster mouth A2

42,0 cm x 59,4 cm
EUR: 3,90 (inkl. MwSt)
Vorschau Produkt poster big bang A2

poster big bang A2

42,0 cm x 59,4 cm
EUR: 3,90 (inkl. MwSt)
Vorschau Produkt poster mouth A1

poster mouth A1

59,4 cm x 84,1 cm
EUR: 5,90 (inkl. MwSt)
Vorschau Produkt poster big bang A1

poster big bang A1

EUR: 4,90 (inkl. MwSt)