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The Lioko ride

Soapbox racer with road permission

childhood dreams become true when a real dream car gets born!

We created our groovy delivery car that just perfect for bringing Lioko Mexikaner to all kinds of customers.

Step 1

Get yourself an older car, a buddy who can handle a spray can, and a warehouse.

Step 2

Drive your car into the warehouse to protect your project from wind and weather.

Step 3

Now tape all the window panes, the wipers and the wheels with masking tape and the old newspaper.

Step 4

Leave your buddy with the spray cans and the car for a few hours. During this time he will spray a wood grain finish on your car.

Step 5

After the wood grain looks nice and woody, first fix the huge spray template on the hood and let the Lioko Mexikaner logo spray on. You repeat this on both sides of the vehicle and finally with the small spray template on the tailgate.

Preview image for the video "Lioko Polo".


  • VW Polo of older age
  • several spay cans
  • adhesive tape
  • old news paper
  • giant spraying stencil
  • small spraying stencil
  • dude, who knows how to handle spraying cans
  • storehouse
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